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January 2019
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 Battle Mechanics Basics

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PostSubject: Battle Mechanics Basics   Sat 10 Sep - 23:54:02

There are many factors that affect battle: Hero's attributes, technologies, wall defenses, and troops.

Hero's attributes

The hero in battle does nothing but adds his/her attributes to the troops. The attack is divided by 100 and multiplies the units attack. Intelligence is added to the units life. But the kicker is Leadership which affects how well your hero affects your troops. The standard is for every 1 leadership point the hero can control 1,000 troops. If you send more it reduces the heros effect. This has not been figured out completely because it changes but if you have a lvl 100 hero and send 100k troops leadership isn't a problem.


There are 6 technologies that affect troops and 1 technology for walls. Millitary tradition and iron working affect troops attack and defense. Compass and Horsback riding affect troops speed. Archery increases the range of range units. Medicine increases life points of troops. Engineering increases life points of the walls

Wall defenses

If you are attacking or defending a city, wall defenses willl change a battle completely. For one, traps and abatis increase the field size so your range units like archers and archer towers have enough time to kill troops. With just one of these the field is set to 5200 spaces without them the max the field can be is 1700 spaces if catapults are present. Which means the enemy is already in range to kill your troops. Wall defenses can be increased by wall level and engineering. Both increase life points of archer towers and wall level increases the range archer towers and archers by 4.5% per level.


Troops have life points, attack, defense, speed and range. These are all increased by different technologies listed above and by hero attributes. So If you have the same troops same techonologies then the hero will decide the out come.


First the field is created by taking the longest base range of the troops in battle (both attacking and defending) and adding 200. Archers have a base range of 1200 and archer towers have 1300 and catapults have 1500, but with traps or abatis the field is set to 5200 spaces.

Second the troops attributes are figured by adding technology, hero bonus, and item buffs.

Third the side with the fastest unit moves first but this excludes scouts. Scouts do not move like normal troops unless you are sending a scout bomb. Calvary is the fastest unit that is factored. Whoever has the troop with the fastest speed after bonuses will move first. if a tie defender moves first.

Ok everything is figured so time to fight. Each round have 3 phases; move, attack and remove dead. Phase one, each troops moves the number of spaces equal to its speed or until they encounter enemy units. Archers do not move unless they need to. If archers are in range to attack they will not move. If not, they will move into range or max number of spaces for that round.

Phase 2 attack. Melee units such as warriors, pikes, sword, or calvary will attack the first unit they come to. If there are multiple enemies then they will attack the group with me most damage (attack*number of troops). Range units will target such as archers, ballistas, ect... will do the same but if they have multiple enemy units in range they will target enemy range units first then melee.

The damage is figured by number of units times their total attack(after technologies and buffs) times the attack modifier. For instance if pikes are fighting calvary the pikes attack will be multiplied by 1.8 and calvary will be by 1. same for calvary verses archers. Once total damage of each unit is figured, it is divided by the life points of the target enemy troops to figure how many are killed. If there is more damage left it is dropped. A unit of troops can only attack one unit of troops each round.

Phase 3 remove dead. After all damage is swapped and killed units figured they are removed and the round is finished.

The 3 phases are repeated til there is a winner.
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Battle Mechanics Basics
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