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January 2019
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 What means what.

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PostSubject: What means what.   Sat 10 Sep - 22:15:19

Common types of attacks used and found to be effective:

Rainbow ~ A rain bow is a attack consisting of great amounts of
archers and one of warriors, cavalry, cataphract, scouts, swordsmen and
pikemen. By sending these extra troops you are given extra rounds for your
archers to attack.

Layered Attacks ~ Layered Attacks is a attack consisting of three
different attacks that are at most 30 seconds apart. The first attack
consists of mainly warriors. These warriors will die, but they clear out
traps, and other wall defenses for the second attack. The second attack
consists of archers and sometimes I will throw in some cavalry and
cataphracts. This attack will take losses depending on the amount you send.
The third attack is basically everything else. This attack finishes up the job
and also is for plundering if you want to.

Scout Raids ~ Better Know as scout spamming/ scout bombs, this attack consists
of sending 150k plus scouts at a city and yes the scouts will die, but they
are cheap to make. Because they are cheap and fast to make, they can
be made in large numbers real quick, making them perfect for the job.
These troops are fast and while in battle can reach archers killing a good
30k - 40k if you have 100k - 150k (depending on your heroes attack level).

Warrior Raids ~ This is basically the same as a scout spam, but they
are stronger and can make a bigger impact. They will take loses, but
there is a greater chance of survivors with this strategy. This attack
usually consists of 70k plus warriors. Not very commonly used for the
heavy loses factor.

Pony Raids ~ This is very simple. All you do is send 5k ponies after all the enemies
troops are gone to drop the loyalty.
Basic Troops-

Warriors-Warriors are only effective in large groups, or are more commonly used to clear out the traps of a defending city
Workers-Workers are completely useless and should never be bought. They are only needed to make new cities.

Scouts-Scouts are very important for preventing the scouting of your city (If you keep your gates open) and scouting others. And, in battle we use them in what is known as scout bomb

Pikemen-This troop is more of something you keep at your city for protection from those annoying pony raids. You will most likely need 10k - 15k+ of these to help protect you phracts' and ponies. For pikes to kill ponies, the required ratio roughly 3:2 Pikes to Ponies.

Swords men-These are excellent for defense and by keeping 20k + of these troops at your city along with your archers you have a much better chance of surviving. (Not so great for attacking.)

Archers-Archers are the most common troop and are very effective. One way you may see these troops being used is the Rainbow

Cavalry-These troops are very effective against most things, because of their strength and speed. They are commonly used in Pony Raids to drop your loyalty.

Cataphracts-These troops are great to have and are good for defending or attacking, unfortunately you hardly ever see these troops, because they take so much food.

*If you are a more advanced player that has them, try Rainbowing them with cavalry and scouts for extra protection. Also once they reach any enemy archers, a required ratio is roughly 1:8 Phract to Archer.

Transporters-Good for plundering cities and transporting bigger loads. Cheap and not a whole lot to them. Their no good in battle in fact they stay behind the army and only get killed until your army dies.

Ballista- are your every day siege weapons. Their not so great in battle because of them being so slow and are destroyed by archer towers. So keep them for NPC farming and nothing else.

Battery Rams-This siege weapon has large amounts of health and if you can get them to attack before reinforcements arrive then your good, but if you get reinforcements that you can't handle then your efforts where useless.

Catapults-Everyone says their great and they are, but when reinforcements come you wasted all those resources making them. Not a whole lot you can say about them.

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What means what.
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