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January 2019
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 Rally Spot

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PostSubject: Rally Spot   Tue 22 Mar - 16:07:53

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The level of the Rally Spot determines two things: The amount of troops you can send, and the number of waves you can send. You can send 10k troops per level in standard cities, and one wave per level. BE AWARE: Camped units, either on suppression, in an allies' city, or in your valleys, counts against the number of waves available to you.

Also from the March window, You can click the semi transparency box and also save 3 troop settings and recall them at a later time instead of having to manually type them in each time. This is great feature for farming, being able to set a number of ballistae and transporters for each target NPC. "Last Setting" is also an option.

Fugitive Camp

When you run out of food, instead of your military leaving immediately they now go to the "fugitive camp", a pop-up window from the Rally Point, for a limited time period. This provides an opportunity to retrieve them before they are permanently lost. Food is also shared from cities, so if one is low then the others will feed that city their food.

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Medic Camp: Automatically Heal

A checkbox in the "Medic Camp" pop-up window allows you to "Automatically Heal" your troops, but appears to cost five times as much gold as manually healing units (yet to be personally confirmed). For those with open gates and a significant defending army, this feature will vastly improve natural defense while a player sleeps.

Standard healing costs vz. Auto Healing costs:

1 Warrior/ Standard heal = 7.5 gold/ Auto heal = 30 gold
1 Scout/ Standard heal = 17.25 gold/ Auto heal = 69 gold
1 Pike/ Standard heal = 22.5 gold/ Auto heal = 90 gold
1 Sword/ Standard heal = 33.75 gold/ Auto heal = 135 gold
1 Archer/ Standard heal = 35 gold/ Auto heal = 140 gold
1 Cavalry/ Standard heal = 71 gold/ Auto heal = 285 gold
1 Cataphract/ Standard heal = 218.75 gold/ Auto heal = 875 gold
1 Transporter/ Standard heal = 74.25 gold/ Auto heal = 297 gold
1 Ram/ Standard heal = 343.75 gold/ Auto heal = 1375 gold
1 Ballista/ Standard heal = 250 gold/ Auto heal = 1000 gold
1 Catapult/ Standard heal = 725 gold/ Auto heal = 2900 gold

The above table was tested using 10 of each unit with and then without Auto healing. The results show the cost is 4x.

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Rally Spot
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